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Just for Fun – Eddie’s Kolacky Recipe

In my novel, I Believe You, Eddie plays an important part in the story. Eddie is an 11-year old deaf boy, and the youngest son of the protagonist, David. At the end of the book, Eddie and his new friend Turquoise make a plate of kolachy, a special treat, from an old family recipe. They decide to take the cookies to Tibor, the patriarch of the family, which sets in motion the book’s finale.

I thought it might be fun to share a collection of kolachy recipes from around the web!

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  • Czech kolachy – probably the closest recipe to what Eddie would have found in his mom’s cookbook.
  • Czech Pastry – oh boy. This one would be found in grandpa’s house at Christmas, purchased from a Manhattan specialty bakery, I am sure!
  • Cream Cheese Kolacky – not sure his grandma would have made the dough with cream cheese, but it is supposed to be exceptional.

Did you know? From Wikipedia –

Enjoy the recipes and if you make some, let me know!

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