Meet the Majeks

A guide to Who’s Who in the Majek Family Mysteries.

If you’re new to the Majek Family Mysteries, here’s a quick list of who’s who in the books.

  • David Majek, the current CEO of Majek Investments, a 50-something widower with three sons. He lives in a Tudor home in Brookville, New York, has a fear of doctors and hospitals, and is the oldest son of the Lion of Wall Street and the patriarch of the family, Tibor.
  • Tibor Majek, the founder of Majek Investments, is a 90+-year-old Czech immigrant who arrived in America with nothing but the clothes on his back and an ego the size of Manhattan. What he didn’t know, he knew he could learn. He started working as a bank janitor, read every scrap of paper he could find in the wastebaskets of the bank, and figured out how to launch a financial company. Even though he is wealthy, he lives in the modest Cape Cod style home in Bellerose, Queens, New York that he bought with his deceased wife, Katrina. In addition to bossing around everyone in his path he loves to garden and make homemade wine.
  • Catherine (Cathy) Tartleton Majek, David’s wife, now deceased. She was a professor of piano studies and music at C.W. Post College before a hit and run driver killed her in 2011. Cathy is the oldest child of Judge John Tarleton and Elizabeth Tarleton, also of Brookville, New York, and has a younger brother, Blake.
  • Blake Tarleton, Cathy’s brother, an attorney on Long Island.
  • Constantine (Con) Majek, David’s younger brother who also works at Majek Investments.
  • Eva Majek, David’s youngest sibling and sister, who believes in making her own way in life. She founded White Glove Maids, a cleaning firm, and chain-smoked her way to the top.
  • Alexander (Alex) Majek, David’s oldest son, who is studying to be a psychiatrist.
  • Joshua (Josh) Majek, David’s middle son, who loves baseball, art, and business.
  • Edward (Eddie) Majek, David’s youngest son. Eddie was born completely deaf and speaks in American Sign Language, although as he enters his teens, lip read and eventually, vocalize to communicate with others. He loves biology and has a collection of turtles and reptiles.
  • Turquoise Daniels, the family’s housekeeper and property manager, a quirk divorced mother of twin girls, Elizabeth and Emily, with a penchant for jangling silver jewelry and flamingoes.
  • Joan, David’s executive assistant, who was also Tibor’s assistant. Unflappable, capable of soothing any situation and incredibly efficient, Joan is more like a member of the family than an employee of the firm.
  • Grazban, Tibor’s driver, a Romanian immigrant
  • Lin Liu, an employee of Majek Investments and girlfriend of Con
  • Victor Scalia, a private investigator hired by Tibor who eventually becomes part of the family.
  • Diana Dalinger, a wealthy socialite who owns White Oak Hall
  • Andrew Dalinger, her brother
  • Polly Marks Dalinger, her niece
  • Daisy Highsmith, a maid at the estate
  • Gerald Green, a gardener at the estate
  • Coraline Marks, Polly’s mother
  • Sarah Schein, antique store owner