Non-fiction by Jeanne Grunert includes books about marketing, entrepreneurship, and her lifelong hobby, gardening. You can find non-fiction by Jeanne Grunert on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major distributors.

Pricing Your Services: 21 Tips for More Profit

How much should you charge for your services? Are you charging too much – or too little? How do you determine your prices? Should you offer sales? These and other questions are exploring in “Pricing Your Services: 21 Tips for More Profit.” Whether you’re a consultant, coach, writer, artist or service business owner, this book will help you think through your pricing strategy and establish competitive prices, a price range, and pricing policies for your business.

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Jeanne’s first company was a manufacturer and seller of equine resins or resin model horses. She published The Model Horse Quarterly, a book-length digest of hobby articles, for many years. She is also the author of Micro Minis, a Guide to Micro Mini Model Horses. While these books are out of print, you can sometimes find them sold used.